I began writing in a diary when I was twelve years old. When I came across my diaries as a young parent I was astonished to see what was important to me as a girl. How my hair looked on a given day determined my mood for the entire day! I hadn’t remembered that at all but reading that perspective was useful when dealing with teenage girls. I could understand it was just a part of their normal development to be so concerned with their appearance (temporarily, I hoped).

I designed a caregivers’ journal to provide a safe place for you to express your thoughts on caregiving and your hopes for the future. One of the bonuses of living is being able to share the benefits of our experiences with others. I hope that one day you will be able to look back on what you have learned by looking back through your notes, and advising new caregivers with the perspective of one who has already walked that path.

Caregiving is a beautiful, and occasionally stressful role. I’d like to send you an elegant, full-color, 12-page journal completely FREE. The journal is a pdf and can be downloaded for typing directly onto your desktop, laptop, or tablet. (If you use a tablet, be sure to download Adobe Acrobat Reader and then copy the journal into Adobe.) Or you can print it out and write your thoughts in the journal by hand.

Taking time for yourself is important. You might find it difficult to make time but this pretty journal will be there for you when you have a minute.

5 thoughts on “Free Caregiver’s Journal

    1. Hi, Crystal. I deeply apologize for not responding to your request sooner. For some reason it didn’t make it into my email inbox but I am very happy to send it. May I please have an email address? Thank you!


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