I just read a book written by Ray Poole about his caregiving journey with his wife, Rebecca, who has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). This book caught my attention because my cousin, Aaron, lost his life to the disease a year ago. Research has created tremendous advances in treatment of CF. When I was girl, CF meant a child would not live past their tenth birthday. Now people can have a very full life in spite of their condition, but the illness can take its toll on the body and spirit.
In Poole’s book, he chronicles the beginning of their relationship in college and his young wife’s desperate struggle to receive much needed lung transplants. Poole learns numerous lessons along the way.
Lessons From a CF Cornerman is beautifully written and captures all of the emotions and issues that caregivers deal with every day:
  • Advocating for the patient
  • Mediating family drama, dynamics, and demands that may conflict with the patient’s wishes
  • Navigating the ups and owns of an illness’ progression
  • Dealing with financial ramifications
  • Finding time for self care and fun
  • Coping with a patient’s right to choose
  • Keeping perspective and humor

All of you caregivers will be able to relate and will enjoy their true story. You can purchase the book here:


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