Caregivers are among the busiest people I know. Whether they are paid for their work or whether they are unpaid family caregivers, they give their all when on duty. I can understand that the suggestion of finding time to do activities with the client/loved one might seem ridiculous, or even insulting,  but here is the value of fitting some activities into the weekly routine.

  1. You need a break. Engaging your client/loved one in a project can either allow you to sit down for a little while and get creative too, or it can give you some time to do something for yourself as the client/loved one becomes immersed in the activity. Doesn’t that sound nice? A BREAK?
  2. Activities provide a sense of purpose. Tell the client/loved one that you need her to help with making decorations for an upcoming holiday. Engage him in helping you make dessert for dinner. Remind her how helpful it is when she helps you fold the laundry (Yes, folding is an activity). Allowing your client/loved one to feel he is still contributing to his home and the world around him is  vital to his well being. Everyone needs a job. Everyone wants to have a purpose.
  3. Your client/loved one needs a break, too. She needs a break from watching television and watching you scurry around doing chore after chore. She needs to engage her mind in something tangible; an activity that will take her mind off the state of her health, her decline, and her agitated thoughts.

At this point in the client’s/loved one’s  life, we need to make sure the quality of their lives is as rich as possible. This is part of the caregiver’s role. In addition to providing physical care, we want to try to feed our client’s/loved one’s soul, mind, and heart. Activities are good for them and good for you. I have many suggestions for  people of all abilities. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and from hearing how the activities are working for you.

P.S. You can try the succulent pumpkin activity above to start: ​

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